Traditional forms of marketing, which rely heavily on the written word and static imagery, are quickly losing ground to video. A short, 30-second promotion can do more for your marketing campaign than a whole website’s worth of copy. Looking at the numbers, videos will increase revenue, lower costs, and raise retention.

Retail site visitors who view product videos are – get this – 85% more likely to buy a product. Zappos, the shoe and apparel site, noticed a 6-30% increase in sales for products with videos. Retail sites in general see an increase in conversion of 30% and 13% more sales. Even email with video is opened 2-3x more, according to a study done by Forrester Research.

Actively using video has also had some other benefits for larger companies like Dell, which reported a 5% drop in support costs, and Virgin Mobile, which saw a 15% drop in service calls when they revamped their site to include video support. This is hardly surprising, however, since videos are not only great marketing tools, they’re great educational and training vehicles.

Video should be the driving force behind your marketing campaigns because video directly engages target audiences and is much more shareable than copy. Retail site visitors stay an average of 2 minutes longer on sites with well-integrated video. According to Forbes, 59% of senior executives prefer navigating video-friendly sites as well.

Despite all the positive correlation between integrated video and increased conversion, however, many people still find the idea of putting together a video daunting. Fortunately, Vidaao helps make things easier by taking care of the hardest parts of video production – finding a suitable videographer within your means, and getting them to collaborate with you on your vision.

Remember: you have clients who are interested in your product. You just need to show them why. Using video will help you reach your sales goals faster and allow people around the world to sell your product for you via social network marketing.