Youtube has more than 4 billion page views each day, so it’s easy to think anyone can make a video to market their product. But the reality is that making a professional marketing video is an involved process that requires some know-how.

Ask Elizabeth. She makes custom iPhone cases and wanted to launch her Kickstarter campaign with an iPhone video. Quick review: she’s in a busy part of the city, it’s hard to hear what she’s saying, and, perhaps most importantly, the video doesn’t look very professional.

Fast-forward. Elizabeth approaches us about getting her video redone. She picks out her videographer, we set them up and the results speak for themselves. Better lighting, sound, direction and editing, not to mention a great return on her investment. Now she’s doing her product, and herself, justice.

As you can see, there is a big difference between shooting a video with a webcam or iPhone and a professional video done right.