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It’s official, your customers have shorter attention spans than goldfish. In the past 12 years, our rapid, digital lifestyle’s have knocked 4 full seconds off our average attention spans, from 12 seconds to 8. To put that in perspective, a goldfish has the attention span of 9 seconds. So I take it back, your customers don’t have goldfish attention spans, they have less than that. In fact, you wish they had the attention spans of goldfish.

Data begs the question, who reads these days?

At the risk of shooting myself in the foot, we’re no longer “deep readers.” Did you know that the average web page word count is 593 and that roughly only 28% of those words are read? That’s less than 170 words. To put that in context, you’ve already read about 150 words. Don’t stop! Continue reading.

Video packs a lot of high level information into a short period of time

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? After all, video is a series of images. The answer is a lot. Think of video as your power packed elevator pitch. This is your first impression, your foot in the door. Don’t overwhelm with details. Instead, delight your customers with the possibilities of your product/service.

Hey CMOs, videos are excellent “top-of-the-funnel” content

According to, 60% of a survey’s respondents said they’d watch video before reading text on the same webpage, and 22% said they prefered watching video to browsing text when examining business information. This is how your customers currently make purchasing decisions. When it comes to the initial conversation, video trumps text. A 30-60 second video, explaining the need and brief overview of your product/service, is a fantastic marketing/sales tool. If you look at the traditional marketing/sales funnel, this is fantastic “top-of-the-funnel” activity.

Look what the American Cancer Society can say in 30 seconds

After 30 seconds, what do you know?

  • Each year hundreds of promising cancer research studies go unfunded.

  • The American Cancer Society has been behind nearly every cancer breakthrough in recent history.

  • Donate and help them continue the fight.

Can you as effectively, communicate that same message in less than 170 words? Before the first impression, do you have that credibility?

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-Dan Fonseca