Justin-park 2Justin Park (co-founder, CEO) likes to think of himself as a country guy — growing up in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. He graduated from the University of Illinois Laboratory High School, which contributed to his premed/economics background at Amherst College. At one point Justin wanted to be a doctor (and managed to do decently well on the MCATs), but decided that entrepreneurship was a lot more fun.

His first college job was holding down the snack bar at his home town pool where he made hamburgers and dino chicken nuggets.

After that experience he started looking on campus for opportunities and inherited The Option Bookstore from graduating seniors. Justin also co-owned MAstorage, a storage company whose biggest customers were Five Colleges undergrads leaving for summer vacation. He had to fill out a lot of paperwork and drive a lot of vans, but it paid off – combined annual revenue of the storage company and bookstore exceeded $90,000.

After graduating in 2010, Justin worked for IMS Consulting Group as a pharma analyst. While putting his pre-med studies to good use was great, he really wanted to get back to starting businesses.

He got that opportunity in 2012, when he co-founded Apartment Streaming. The idea was simple – why not add videos to listings? Within a few months Apartment Streaming had over 19 customers, including StreetEasy, Prudential Douglas Elliman, and BondTV (http://www.bondnewyork.com/tv/).

While working in the real estate space, Justin realized that were lots of problems with video production. He started thinking about solutions and “video just happened.” Vidaao was started in late 2012 with a single purpose in mind – video production solutions. Since then it has morphed into a marketplace, and with each iteration of the business model Vidaao’s vision has grown bigger and bolder.


Likes: matzo ball soup, his mom, watching fellow entrepreneurs succeed, getting a “Yes” from someone after getting multiple “No’s”

Dislikes: hot/sweaty subway stations, frosting, Nick Cannon

Biggest Success: Vidaao

Biggest Failure: Not winning his high school election for class president