In 2012, SMBs with more than 50 employees spent an average of $63,000 on digital marketing that included video (that’s about the average salary of a content manager in the US, according to Glassdoor). Yet only 22% of US SMBs plan to post a video to YouTube in the next 12 months, while 88% are not deploying video on a monthly basis at all.

Clearly, thought leadership isn’t determined by how big your budget is, but on how wisely you spend it. A good content strategy deploys a mix of written, visual, and video content to engage existing customers and attract new ones.

What Should I Be Doing?

It’s entirely possible to spend under $50,000 a year and become one of the top voices in your industry if you commit to quality, sustainability, and strategic growth. This means that if you’re willing to commit to developing a successful, visible content strategy, then you should set aside [at most] $4167 a month.

Keeping that in mind – what does a monthly content calendar look like? If you’re bigger on quality than quantity (which you should be), let’s look at:

Your New Monthly Content Package

  • 4 blog posts (400-600 words)

  • 30 social media updates (1 a day)

  • 1 static infographic (1-2 pages)

  • 1 video (60 seconds)

Now comes the next question: How are you going to do this? Assuming you want high quality, non-fluffer content and are willing to pay for it, here are some possible resources:

1) Blog Posts, Social Media Updates, Video Scripts: Scripted

Content is still king, and written content still makes up the bulk of his armies. Scripted, based out of San Francisco, is a content writing service that hotwires your written content and tailors it for you on an “a la carte” basis. Blog posts are $49 each ($59 for longer offerings), Facebook posts are $3 each, and video scripts are $199.

2) Infographics: Piktochart

According to Smart Insights, infographics increased in popularity by 800% from 2010 to 2013. Piktochart allows you to create your own custom infographics for a base fee of $14/month!

3) Video: Vidaao

The stats speak for themselves. Video marketing is here to stay, and any brand that doesn’t have a video marketing plan is setting themselves back in the long run. While large, Fortune 500 companies can afford multimillion dollar productions, SMBs can still leverage non-traditional videos, like whiteboard animations, to their advantage. Vidaao can connect businesses interested in these catchy animations with the right videographers for around $2300 per production.

Monthly Content Cost

  • Piktochart infographic/presentation – $14
  • Vidaao whiteboard animation – $2300
  • Scripted video script – $199
  • Scripted blog post x 4 – $196
  • Scripted Facebook posts x 30 – $90

Total: $2,799/month (or $33,588/year)

At $33,588 annually, you’re saving $16,412 of your prospective $50,000 digital marketing budget. That’s about $342 a week you can set aside to hire a part-time content manager to edit and plan out your content calendar, or an SEO specialist to implement your strategy. How’s that for a game plan?