There are a number of variables that affect a video’s price. I’d like to highlight the most important ones:

1. Number of Shooting Days

The more times a filmmaker has to come and shoot, the more expensive.

2. Number of Shooting Locations

Try to bundle the shoots in one or two locations if you are cost conscious.

3. Travel

You will be asked to cover transportation, lodging and food expenses if you want a filmmaker to travel.

4. Crew Size

You don’t need a large crew for a great video – though some videos do require them. The most common on-set crewmembers are below:

  • Camera dude → videographer/shooter
  • Sound dude → boom
  • Lighting dude

5. Actors/Sets

Once you introduce actors and sets, you are entering a whole new world of video production pricing. You not only need to pay for actors and renting space, but that also adds to the project management costs.

6. Special Effects and Animation

In general special effects and animation is more expensive than live action. Stuff that looks like this or that can push your video’s price up substantially.

7. Music

Filmmakers typically have a library of royalty-free music that is included in the project’s budget. However, you can get more unique sounds by investing a little more money into the project.


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