VegemiteNo worries folks, we aren’t handing out vegemite sandwiches. But we are reppin it from the land down under (the Mason-Dixon Line that is). What are we handing out? Jams, son. And they’re tasty.

Sure you’ve heard before just how important music is in your explainer video. And there have been a lot of studies that prove music can double the effectiveness of a message by communicating to a separate part of the brain. But how do you pick the right tune to get your point across? Brand consistency is just as important as the consistency of grits. Our favorite example is the training montage from Rocky with Justin Beiber’s Baby playing instead of Eye of the Tiger. It’s ridiculous. We want to see the tunes really gel with the video. Think back to your teenage years. Dark Side of the Moon synced with The Wizard of Oz? That’s the kind of cohesion that creates perfection.

Great Point, Huckleberry! But I didn’t want to make a bad video! How about something useful?

Geeze, tough crowd…

Before we get there…

There are tons of different ways to talk about music. Physicists and engineers can talk about wavelengths and vibrations using words that most people don’t understand. Musicians will talk about chords and form. Most people know whether they like music or not. It’s very difficult to find the words as to why you don’t like it unless you’re a specialist.

Why? The simple answer is that the part of your brain that processes emotion (and music) is a very different part of your brain that deals with what we call language. And they work very differently from one another. Some old dead guy (Henry Adams) said ‘No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.’

So that’s the problem we’re up against. You know exactly the kind of track you want; you just don’t speak the right language.

You’re on Your Own…

Yeah, so basically you have to have an idea of what you want. Putting that intangible language of music into words is hard. Sites like Tunefruit have painstakingly put in the work to tag all of our prescreened tracks so you can ask for things in English and get results in music.

You’re looking for a driving futuristic track to showcase your new robot invention but you it has to be playful? ‘Driving’ isn’t too helpful when you’re looking through 10,000+ tracks. ‘Futuristic’ puts you on the right track. ‘Swagger’ helps bring it home (and let’s be real, that robot has swagger). Or if you know whoyou want the music to sound like, just search ‘Deadmau5.’ That was easy.

 …Just Kidding

Don’t worry, you’re not actually on your own. We’re always here to help. Consider us your aboriginal guides through the land of music. We can translate, but we also know the customs in this country and can help you out of any sticky situation.