Although the animation process can be broken into three phases (i.e. pre, production and post), I find it more helpful to describe it in the four below.

  • Step 1: The first step in getting a great animation is writing a great script. Don’t let the word “script” intimidate you. It is just the textual version of what you are trying to get across in the animation. Check out a sample script.
  • Step 2: Someone needs to be recorded reciting the script out loud. We call that voice recording a “voiceover”. We recommend using to find a professional voiceover actor.
  • Step 3: The animator needs to draw the characters and images that will tell the story contained in the script. Please note that the animator may complete this step while the voiceover is being done.
  • Step 4: Those illustrations are then given motion by plugging them into a piece of software and the final result will be the combination of the script, voiceover and characters.


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