There are plenty of things aspiring Youtube stars can do beyond “Please subscribe to my channel” to attract viewers. Almost all of the tips and tricks of the trade come straight from the playbooks of successful Youtube vloggers like Nigahiga, Tobuscus, and Michelle Phan.

Some B2B marketers might wonder, “How can these whimsical vlogging personalities help out my digital marketing strategy?” To which we might reply, “Look at their subscriber base.”

 1) Be transparent

Youtube is, at its heart, a vlogging platform. In order to make the most use of its free uploading potential, an ongoing vlog is your best bet at building a real, sizable viewership. Vlogs are off-the-cuff, unrehearsed, and almost always engaging because of it. Follow an outline, but don’t read from a script.

2) Be helpful (don’t sell)

Be helpful, not annoying. Provide resources or tips that your viewer base will actually find interesting. Talk about newsworthy events that relate to your brand. Bring up case studies that you know your target customer will want to hear about. Don’t just make video promotions. Don’t always try to sell.

3) Research your tags

Like written content, video content needs to be SEO-optimized. Google Adwords will let you know what keywords are overused and underused. Always, always, always go for the underused keywords, despite what your gut instinct tells you. SEO is not intuitive, but it is also not an art. It is a set of guidelines, plain and simple, so invest some time in learning the rules!

 4) Create Response Videos

If you’re a startup without any online presence, and no one is following your blog, your best bet is to guest-pitch a blog on a much larger site in the same industry. Burgeoning Youtube strategy is pretty much the same. One of the best ways to increase your visibility is to create response videos to much larger, more widely-viewed videos on topics or subjects relevant to your industry or viewer base.

5) Respond to user comments

Every good game studio, no matter how small, has someone serving the role of community manager. So should you. Getting views isn’t enough – you want to retain those viewers. Do so by answering their questions and engaging them in productive conversation.

6) Invite allies to join you

 With over 50 million views a week, PewDiePie, a Swedish gaming vlogger, was the most watched channel on Youtube in late 2013. When you think about it, this is hardly surprising because he always had friends playing along with him and providing colorful commentary. Three’s a crowd, right?

7) Stick to a Schedule

No one likes to hear this last part, but it’s the final word on the matter. Without sticking to a schedule (i.e., a content calendar), nothing gets done. Do yourself a service and make one during your next lunch break, if you haven’t already. And remember: Youtube videos are only one form of content.