Successful product demos are mini sales funnels. The flow and direction of the video should pass through the major stages of a sales pipeline, and must do the following successfully for viewers to actually give a damn about your call to action.

1) Illustrate a pain and reveal the gain

Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?” videos are just about the cheekiest things ever created, and are great tutorials for any and all aspiring product demos. Each of them starts off in the same way, too. Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson takes something that shouldn’t go into a blender and asks the audience the eponymous question, “Will it blend?”

Pain: I need to blend something hard, chunky, and potentially very messy.

Gain: Blendtec blenders can blend anything under the sun.

2) Demonstrate, don’t assert

A classic example of showing and not telling, Mr. Dickson proceeds to shove whatever sad object his marketing team has selected for the day into a Blendtec blender and watch as it is utterly, uniformly annihilated (i.e., blended…blent?). Notice how he doesn’t once say that a Blendtec blender can blend anything and everything – he knows that actions speak louder than words. The answer “Yes, it blends!” only appears after each successful demonstration.

3) Illuminate the possibilities

A great feature of the “Will it Blend?” videos is their compulsive clickability. Of course, this isn’t a coincidence. Tom Dickson isn’t blending pineapples, after all – he’s blending iPads, marbles, and crowbars (ask yourself, on a scale of 1-10, how badly you wanted to click that crowbar link just now). By making each video literally unbelievable, Blendtec invites viewers to imagine the possibilities. Naturally, they’ll watch the other videos, too, and a Saturday afternoon has been wasted.

4) Let customers do the talking

It seems like the one thing the “Will it Blend?” videos doesn’t do is let customers do the talking for them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hitting the “purchasing” stage of the funnel. Each video is essentially a case study (think of each blended product as a customer pain), and the high number of views and likes speak volumes about their positive brand perception.

5) Bring the product to life

Need we say more? Sometimes, the “it” factor is what you need to take your product demo to the next level and make it compulsively watchable. Humor never hurts, and a creative premise doesn’t just make viral videos, it also sells Hollywood blockbusters. Remember: quality over quantity 24/7.