LinkedIn video

LinkedIn is the B2B Facebook, and has been for quite some time. CEOs make their rounds on the social media platform day in and day out to make new connections and comment on each other’s blog posts to gain visibility. Which is great and all…except, why aren’t there more videos?

It seems absolutely puzzling that the fastest-growing B2B social network also boasts an incredibly low number of business videos. Videos have become standard fare for other social media channels, with larger brands devoting an entire team to Youtube blasts, yet LinkedIn hasn’t seen the same amount of love. Are professionals assuming that a LinkedIn resume is enough reason to skip over video entirely?

We hope not. With over 200 million members in 200 countries, LinkedIn is only gaining steam. Now is the best time to put up made-to-order videos on LinkedIn that target other businesses and networks. Here’s 5 reasons why LinkedIn videos are crucial for B2B marketers.

Second Connections

1. More than 2.6 Million Companies Have LinkedIn Profiles

And over half of those companies are in the US. That’s over 1.3 million.

Forbes recently reported that only ⅓ of all top CEOs in the country use social media, but that’s like saying ⅓ of all Martians can’t be reached by phone. For the most part you aren’t trying to get in touch with CEOs of large companies – you’re trying to reach CEOs of smaller companies and executives at larger companies. All these people, aside from that one guy who didn’t get the memo, have LinkedIn, and they use it regularly.

2. Your 2nd degree connections include over 6000 companies.

All of us use social media, like Facebook and Twitter, without really thinking about the size of our network. For a platform like LinkedIn, however, the size of your extended network is half the selling point of the company.

The average LinkedIn user (not even executives), are connected to over 130 industries, 6000 companies, and 9000 professionals through second connections alone. That’s just incredible. There are literally thousands of people one click away from your profile or your latest post. The question is – how can you get them just one click closer?

3. 35% of LinkedIn Members Check It Daily

On top of the mind-boggling number of second connections you already have, get this: over 35% of LinkedIn members check their profiles (and feed) daily, while 32% check the B2B network “a few times a week.” That’s over 67% (or ⅔) of all LinkedIn members looking for new connections and reading some random executive’s content marketing on any given Monday. How often are you updating your company’s LinkedIn profile or your own?

4. You Are Expected To Self-Promote

One of the best things about LinkedIn is that, unlike the world at large, you are expected to self-promote and put your best foot forward. Everyone’s a professional, and every company has a story to tell. Everyone on LinkedIn is aware of this, so they won’t mind if you fill up their news feed with more stuff each day. In fact, they’d probably welcome it.

Thought Leadership

5. You Can Distinguish Yourself as An Expert

But with hundreds to thousands of senior vice presidents and CEOs in the same industry as you creating new content for news feeds every day – how can you compete? How can you stand out in a blog and graphic-saturated B2B ecosystem?

By providing something even more compelling – video.

Smaller businesses especially can benefit from the added tug that short, well-produced video provides. Static profile pages suddenly become more interesting, and otherwise unassuming posts in an otherwise homogenous news feed suddenly command attention spans.

Just think of it this way: if you’re willing to make videos to put on Facebook and Twitter – why aren’t you making professional videos to get noticed on LinkedIn? Every second of content counts.