Happy Thanksgiving TV

You know, when you really think about it, the holidays are one of the few times of the year that we aren’t annoyed by commercials. In fact, quirky and original holiday commercials have become something of an American pastime.

“Why is it there are no Thanksgiving commercials at all this year?” one Yahoo user asks. It’s almost like we want  there to be more Thanksgiving commercials on air to prep us for our Thursday turkey dinners and Black Friday festivities fevers. Unfortunately, there aren’t, because when it comes to big ad spending Christmas and the Super Bowl will always take the cake.

Thankfully, we’re still left with these 4 scrumptious offerings for 2013. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and keep shooting!

1. Sears Black Friday Sale TV Spot, “Turkey Chase”

SEARS turkey chase

Not an embed (click on pic to be taken to video)

Last year, Sears offered us a talking turkey and a couple running into things at an airport. This year, they give us a guy running into a tree. We’re seeing a theme here…

2. Thanksgiving 2013 Google Doodle


Leave it to Google to give us the best e-card of the season. No strings attached, just cute forest furries and a wholesome message. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Google. Enjoy the weather in Mountain View.

3. Richter, Neely Star In NHL Thanksgiving Commercial


A commercial for the ages, this Rangers vs. Bruins family get-together has all the trappings of the uncanny valley. Hopefully your family doesn’t feud like this, and if they do – we hope they enjoy cheesecake just as much as lemon pie.

4. AT&T TV Thanksgiving Commercial – It’s Not Complicated “Pet Turkey”


You’ve seen AT&T’s kindergarten interviewer a lot by now, but this may be the funniest commercial in the series yet. The moral of the story? Don’t bring your turkey pets to Thanksgiving dinner.